Tuesday, January 17, 2012

UC going smoke free sometime soon apparently

Just got this email:
UC Davis community members,
I am writing to share with you the attached letter 
from President Mark G. Yudofto chancellors regarding the University's recent decision to make all campuses tobacco-free by 2014. The new policy direction will prohibit the smoking and chewing of tobacco, as well as the sale of tobacco products, and aligns with practices already in place at UC medical centers and many other universities.
As the President's letter indicates, each campus will soon be developing plans for implementing this decision, and we will have more information about what this new policy process will entail for our community as the UC Davis plan takes shape. We will, of course, consult with a broad range of our campus community as we develop mechanisms to implement this new policy direction.
John Meyer

Vice Chancellor, Administrative and Resource Management

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  1. Chewing tobacco as well? But will this mean the fine brass spittoons found in every UC lecture hall will be removed? Truly a sad day.


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