Friday, January 20, 2012

Draft post cleanup #22: Fun emails for another Jonathan Eisen

Yet another post in my "draft blog post cleanup" series.  Here is #22.  Written 5-5-2007 ...
I have decided to start posting some of the more fun real emails I have gotten relating to some of my scientific work or supposedly related to it.

The best I get are usually not related to my work but instead are related to another Jonathan Eisen out there. There is this other person with my name who has written some off-kilter books about conspiracy theories. And every once in a while I get an email means for him. For example, here is one (with some personal information about the sender removed)

Dear Jonathan:
My name is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I am writing you from Ontario, Canada. The purpose of this e-mail is to gather information from you for the book I am writing for the World! The book is entitled "XXXXX." The book's purpose is to expose to the world, World Peace and how to achieve it - free energy and how to harness it, along with many government coverups, e.g. Who really killed J.F.Kennedy (the driver!)? and who is really behind the attacks of 911?, along with cures for AIDS, cancer, and a long list of other diseases that you have written about in your book that I intend to expose to the world!

I would appreciate a response via any means necessary.....a phone call (xxx) xxx-xxxx, e-mail, with a contact number I can get in touch with you personally!

The world must be made aware of what's really going on and, along with your help and others, WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD!!!!!

I am one who is aware that anything I type and send to you will be read by not only yourself - but by others (the Government)! These people will go to any great lengths to prevent us from speaking or having contact, because, we, in fact, know what's really going on, and we know who is responsible for suppressing all the information that the world must know. I will leave the rest of the conversation for, hopefully, a face-to-face sit-down, or any future conversations that we MUST have.

Your new best friend,

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  1. "I am one who is aware that anything I type and send to you will be read by not only yourself - but by others"

    Quite possibly the first time he was right about this.


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