Monday, January 02, 2012

This is very cool: CrowdoMeter - consider signing in and participating

Just was catching up on PLoS Blogs which I do not read enough (some great stuff there).

And I discovered a really spectacular project described my Martin Fenner: CrowdoMeter – or trying to understand tweets about journal papers | Gobbledygook

Basically, this is an effort to crowdsource annotation of tweets about scientific papers. It is pretty simple - go to their website, sign in with a twitter ID, and start classifying. You can search for specific terms in the search bar, including "I'm feeling lucky" which will give you random tweets to classify. I first searched for evolution and four tweets came up. And then I played around with some other searches and I classified a few tweets. Not sure exactly where this is going but it is a cool idea and I will find out more at Science Online 2012 and will report back.

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