Saturday, May 25, 2019

My observations for the City Nature Challenge 2019 - Sacramento #iNaturalist

So - last week I participated in the City Nature Challenge 2019 Sacramento Area effort.  See for more details on the challenge.

My colleague Laci Gerhart-Barley was one of the co-organizers for our region and I saw some posts from her in the run up to the event and, as I have gotten more and more into iNaturalist I decided to participate.  Fortunately in a way, I got a nasty bug with fever and chills and such and this meant (1) I did not want to go to work and (2) I wanted to avoid people.  This gave me some extra time to go around.  The vent ran from Friday to Monday April 26-29.  And I tooled around UC Davis campus a few times and Sac State Campus once (on Saturday where my daughter had a concert) and around Yolo County and also my yard a bit.  And I took a lot of pictures and posted as many as seemed interesting to iNaturalist.  And the most amazing thing was the community of people that Laci and others had gathered together did an incredible job of helping ID many many many of my posts.

So here are some more details

Day 1. Link to observations.  Screen capture below.

Day 2. Link to observations

Day 3. Link to observations

Day 4. Link to observations.

Some of my favorite observations from these days are below;

And many many more.

Thanks to all the people who helped ID many of my pics and thanks to Laci and the other coorganizers for running the show.  It was a great experience.

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