Monday, September 16, 2019

Viome - trying to prove that my calling them "The Theranos of Microbiome Companies" was an understatement ...

A month or so I wrote the post below that I thought was an example of really bad misleading advertising.  And it is indeed.  But keep reading past the discussion of this ad, because today I got a much worse example.

Post I drafted a month ago but did not actually make public:

Uggh.  This is just such BS.  I saw a Viome ad on Facebook.


Here is the text:
DNA tests can tell you a lot about where you came from.
Your past. Your family history, and your ancestry.
But that doesn’t help you right now.
That doesn’t help you today.
DNA tests also told her what foods were best for, but the recommendations never changed, even as symptoms got worse.
Just like you, Kelly wanted to know how to make the most of her health.
DNA tests told Kelly what diseases she was more at risk for genetically,
but they don’t give her any actionable advice on how to lower that risk.
Frustrated with generic guidelines like “exercise more and eat healthy,” Kelly finally found Viome, and it made all the difference.
That’s because Viome didn’t test her DNA. Viome tested the RNA of the microbes that make up Kelly’s gut microbiome to tell her what her microbes were up to and how they were affecting her.
The same microbes that are responsible for making most of the neurotransmitters, nutrients, and other compounds her body needs to be healthy.
Just like Kelly’s microbes eat what Kelly eats, your microbes eat what you eat, and if they don’t get the right foods at the right time, they begin making compounds that contribute to chronic inflammation.
That means:
Poor sleep,
Weight gain (the bad kind),
And a significantly increased risk for all kinds of chronic diseases.
Once Kelly got her Viome results, she knew which foods she needed in her unique personalized diet to boost the good guys (and which foods to avoid!) to take action to improve her health.
You can do the same thing as Kelly using the Viome Gut Intelligence Test.
End the guesswork and take charge of your health.
Order your Viome Gut Intelligence Test today.

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