STEM Diversity

Diversity in science is an important issue for many reasons.  I am collecting here my own writing on the topic as well as some other posts and articles of interest.

Here are some posts of mine about this topic:
Diversity and Inclusion Policies for Meetings

  •  ⚡️ “Diversity and Inclusion Policies for Conferences” 
  • Pycon Diversity Statement
  • Discover Cookbook

  • Other posts and articles of interest
    Some references to Posts from this site:


    1. Hi Jonathan, Love your blog and the YAMMM series in particular. I just got sent an add for a conference in Berlin next year, Innovative Genomics Summit where 12 speakers were announced, all male (women are not innovative as you know). I complained and they promptly added 2 speakers, 1 female and 1 male. I was glad they reacted (although a 1:13 ratio is not good) but I wonder whose complaint they were adressing when the added yet another male speaker. Can send you the ads If you are intrested.