Monday, January 09, 2012

SPAM conference anyone

Just got this email.  Could be a real conference but am sick of getting SPAM advertising it.   I note - the emails look a lot like the ones I get from Bentham publishers.  I wonder if they are working together or just use the same email service?

Department of Evolution and Ecology
Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology University of California Davis Genome Center University of California Davis Davis
United States

Dear Dr.Eisen.,

It is our great pleasure to announce the "4th International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy" (4th ICDDT 2012) to be held in Dubai, UAE, from February 12th-15th, 2012, with  Dr. Ferid Murad, Nobel Laureate and Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, FRS as the conference Co-Presidents.  
The 4th ICDDT is CME accredited by the Ministry of Health in which each medical specialist will earn up to maximum 18 hours of CME credits.

This event will represent an exciting series of conferences that have already attracted 22 Nobel Laureates to the previous three events.  This four day event will feature recent findings from leading industrial, clinical and academic experts in the field, in the form of lectures and poters. Several Nobel Laureates including Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn (France), Prof. Michel Hurtmut (Germany), Prof. Robert Huber (Germany), Prof. Harald zur Hausen (Germany), Prof. Ferid Murad (USA), Prof. Mario Molina (USA) have already confirmed their participation in the 4th ICDDT along with several hundred top scientists and researchers from all over the world.
The details of the conference can be viewed at
Abstracts for consideration as Invited or Session Lectures, and Poster Presentations can be submitted at  Alternatively, a maximum one-page length abstract written in English can be submitted to us by e-mail at    All submitted abstracts received will be reviewed on the basis of scientific merit, novelty and practical application.  Due to the limited slots available, only the best abstracts will be selected. The abstracts of the conference and a selection of the proceedings will be published in a high Impact Factor journal by an international publisher. We suggest that all interested participants to register and book their hotel in Dubai as early as possible.
Please join us in sunny Dubai for both work and enjoyment in February 2012 to explore a plethora of information on current research in drug discovery and therapy and to network with fellow academics and industrial researchers.
For more details and to register, please visit the conference Web site at  or alternatively you may contact 
An associated exhibition will take place during the conference. Exhibitors and interested sponsors should contact the marketing department at To support this conference, you can download the conference poster from here and post it on the public notice board.
We look forward to your participation at this important conference.
Sincerely yours,

Organizing Secretariat, ICDDT 2012
PO Box 7917
Saif Zone, Sharjah,

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  1. I get those kinds of emails all the time. The organizers have clearly bought some list of email addresses and are just sending blanket emails to everyone. Do us all a favor and mark them as spam.

  2. yes, I mark them all as SPAM - but there is a difference with some - some seem to be about what could be called "real" conferences that are just over promoted --- others seem to be about SPAM conferences where they have talks about everything and anything - whoever will show up ---

  3. Me too, I get them constantly - from China and India among other places. And I too have noticed the common trait with Bentham mailings. I am afraid that somewhere, having published in Open Access journals puts our name on a list that does get passed around. It comes in waves, like telemarketing.


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