Friday, January 13, 2012

Draft post cleanup #15: Now this is how to write a scientific paper

Yet another post in my "draft blog post cleanup" series.  Here is #15, from May 2010.

I had written:
Just found an old fax I received from my brother of a paper published in 1974 in Scientia Sinica. "Studies of the insulin crystal structure: the molecule at 1.8Å resolution." Sounds pretty straightforward right? But then you read the paper: Here is the abstract (could not find a PDF so scanned in the fax I got).
I note, I stopped here because I could not figure out how to upload a PDF here.  But I did figure out how to upload it to FriendFeed.  But I think in the end it would be good to have a version of this post on my blog.  So, well, here it is.  And now I have included scans of the fax:

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  1. I remember when you showed me this fax once. Yes, it is unintentionally amusing much as current reports from North Korea are. Although reading it again, it's interesting to notice that Dorothy Hodgkin (a Nobel-prize winning crystallographer and devoted Marxist) had visited this group. Makes me wonder what she thought of her visit to Mao's China and whether it was all she had hoped it to be before seeing it first hand.


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