Thursday, December 01, 2011

Top 10 reasons to still consider attending #UCDavis #OccupyUCDavis

I am sure I will get in trouble for this but here goes ...

Top 10 reasons to still consider attending UC Davis

1. Performance art spreading throughout campus

2. Chancellor will be doing student laundry for next five years

3. Buy a van with a satellite dish, get free parking anywhere on campus

4. Work study program has many alternative career paths including sign makers, tent cleaning, socialism club treasurer, etc. 

5. Our logo found on more artwork than any school in country

6. Free housing in the quad

7. Students determine which professors get tenure

8. Police nowhere to be found, even for huge parties

9. New majors in "Crisis Mismanagement" and "Silent Movie Making"

10.  Like a building - it is yours.


  1. Hilarious. Seriously, you've been one-stop shopping for this whole saga: the on-the-ground reporting, links to other people writing about it, and now, this. Bravo.

  2. It came to me in the shower. I rushed out, dripping wet, and typed most of it down on my iPhone, and then got back in the shower to finish ...

  3. You should have added a picture of that,too. That would have made it even funnier! ;)

  4. Well, that would be even more risky than I could tolerate

  5. heh. I do all my best blogging in the shower. the trick is to remember afterwards!

  6. Very funny. But not so funny, when taken in the context of the real issues.

  7. Sometimes humor and pain go together


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