Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kids book of interest: Antarctic Adventure

Just found out about this new kids book about Antarctica: Antarctic Adventure. Hat tip to Jeff Hoffman, a friend who has been on many many scientific field adventures.

From the book web site:
Antarctic Adventure is the story of author/scientist Mak Saito's research expedition to the Southern Continent. The book is targeted at children age 3 - 7. Simple text and stunning photographs highlight the adventure elements of fieldwork in the Antarctic (helicopters, snow storms, wildlife). Children learn where Antarctica is, what algae are, what glaciers look like, and the names of several different whales and penguins. More generally, they get a sense of what it means to do scientific fieldwork. A "Dear Reader" section at the end of the book goes into more detail about the expedition's research goals, which involve the importance of algae in global biogeochemical cycles.

I have just bought a copy ... will let people know more when I get it but I am guessing it is going to be good ...

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  1. My kids love everything related to the poles - animals, scientists:) We found a network of educational page on Antarctica:) And guide is Krill Billy:) There are also games for kids - visit - )


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