Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 10 Humorous Science Videos of the Year

I was starting to compile a Top 10 list of best humorous Science-related videos of the year.  And I got stuck on #1 because it is so so so good.  But I was able to find some others I liked (and listed them in no particular order)... so here goes.  If you know of other good ones please post/tweet ...

1. Bad Project video from the Zheng lab.  This is simply awesome.

2. Top 10 quirky science tricks for parties.  I found out about this from Twitter ... and it is very good.

3. Cracked.Com has some funny spoofs, though usually not about science.  Here is one I found about science, sort of.

Bill O'Reilly Teaches Kids About Science -- powered by

4. The Onion has some great science spoofs of course.  I found this one but there are many more.

Brooke Alvarez Has All The Answers, Even About Particle Physics 

5. Colbert has some brilliant Science spoofs.  This one however takes the cake in a way: Colbert nuclear explosion

6. Robotic Operation (which I found through

7. OK - so it's very very long.  But there are some funny parts - the 2011 Ig Nobel Award Ceremony

8. Abby Harrison is very funny. ... I first saw here microorganism stand up stuff but I think this one is better.

9. OK so this is not the funniest video with Brian Malow but it give some background on "The Science Comedian"

10. And perhaps my favorite - from the Daily Show --- Science - What's it up to?

Please suggest others ...


  1. From twitter


    @phylogenomics this is not exactly science, but very pro-science. And just awesome.

  2. From twitter

    OpenHelix Staff @OpenHelix

    see MT @phylogenomics: Come on all - any suggestions for other funny science videos of 2011?

  3. But the Bad Project is just awesome! has to be my favourite!

  4. Another suggestion from Twitter:

    Hergen Köhler @Hagandasz
    @phylogenomics almost every video from:

  5. And another:

    Mark O. Martin @markowenmartin
    @phylogenomics Or this one: Psychology, but features awesome line: "The science don't start 'till I walk in."

  6. Super! Videoclip #3, though, not sure it fits here!

  7. Thanks for the videos. The Bad Project video may always be my favorite, and everyone loves a good Ig Nobel project!

    If you are looking for more science videos then check out my blog called Science Storiented ( and look for the 'videos' label.


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