Monday, December 05, 2011

Letter from Chair of #UCDavis Academic Senate re: Friday assembly #occupyucdavis

Posting this email I just received

Forwarded on behalf of Chair Linda F. Bisson

Dear Colleagues,

I wish to thank you those of you available to attend the Special Meeting of the Representative Assembly on Friday, December 2, 2011. We estimate the audience at approximately 300 and including 69 voting members of the Representative Assembly. The discussion of the action on November 18, 2011, was frank, constructive and important.

I wish to apologize to those of you who waited in line and were unable to speak before we ran out of time. I also apologize for the visible presence of the Cal Aggie Hosts, and the posting of a notice to be courteous to the facility. I agree with the speakers who complained that they were absolutely not necessary. However, those responsible for the Mondavi Center asked for such measures to protect the facility. We refused many of their requests but did acquiesce to some. It is standard practice for the facility to ask the audience to be courteous before each performance meaning to shut off cell phones, not bring food into the auditorium or large bags that may block an aisle.

I called the meeting to allow the faculty to address the Chancellor in a candid and direct manner, as well as to hear from each other. Our colleagues asked tough questions and raised significant concern for our students and community overall in light of the action on November 18th. We also had a chance to begin discussing how to move on, radically change our policies and practices and how we can begin working together with our students to strengthen the campus and focus on assuring access to affordable public education.

The resolution passed unanimously by the Representative Assembly to commend our students is available on the Academic Senate home page. Additionally, there are links to recent communications associated with this event and we will keep you informed.

Finally, the Special Committee reviewing the police action on November 18, 2011, will be announced this week.

Linda F. Bisson, Chair
Davis Division of the Academic Senate

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