Thursday, December 08, 2011

Meeting of Interest: DOE JGI "Genomics of Energy and Environment" 3/20-22

A meeting of interest: The Annual DOE JGI User Meeting.  Note - open to anyone - not just those funded by DOE.

Topics include
  • Synthetic biology & biodesign
  • Systems biology/transcriptional networks
  • Application of single cell genomics in microbial ecology and bioprospecting
  • Genomic analysis of biofuel traits in maize and switchgrass
  • Cloud computing as a platform for large scale sequence analysis
  • Ocean viruses: towards population genomics, understanding virus-host interactions, and accessing the uncultured
  • Omics in the Arctic: Genome-enabled contributions to carbon cycle and biogeochemical research in high-latitude ecosystems
  • Ancient DNA
Plus - Carl Zimmer.  Yes, I said Carl Zimmer.  

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