Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomes 2012 #Genomes #Microbes #Mountains #Lake #Fun #Wine #MustGo

Helping the organizers plan the Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomes meeting this year (see Microbial Genomics - ARROWHEAD 2012).  In particular I organized a session on Microbiology of the Built Environment relating to the project.

This session should be good

  • Session Chair: Jonathan Eisen – University of California, Davis, CA “Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Workshop”
  • Anne M. Womack – University of Oregon, Eugene, OR “Microbial Ecology of the Built Environment”
  • Jason E. Stajich – University of California, Riverside, CA “Fungi in the Built Environment”
  • Laura Sauder – University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario “Archaea in the Built Environment”
  • Scott Kelley – San Diego State University, San Diego, CA “The Indoor Microbiome: Bacterial and Metagenomic Approaches for Studying the Built Environment”
  • Susanna Remold – University of Louisville, Louisville, KY “Pseudomonas as a Model for Studies of Microbes in the Home”
And the other sessions that the meeting also look good (see program here).  But whatever you think of the speaker list, the best part of the Lake Arrowhead meetings is the venue and the interactions among people.  I have been going to this meeting for many years and here are some posts of mine about previous meetings

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