Sunday, July 08, 2012

Extra fruit in your trees? Don't let it rot - donate it #DavisCA #VillageHarvest

Today, one of our neighbor came over and told us that the "Village Harvest" group was at their house to collect fruit from their trees and she wanted to know if they could come into our yard as part of the collection.  I said "please ... and tell them they can collect from our tree too."  You see, we have a pluot tree that produces more fruit than I can keep up with (and I note - we get a lot of the pluots from our neighbors tree too since it leans over our yard).  I have made 40+ jars of jam, 40+ fruit rolls, froze a bunch of pulp for later projects and still there was more fruit.  So I invited people over to collect some of the pluots and still there was more fruit.  So I was very happy to see the Village Harvest folks next door.  

Village Harvest is a " a nonprofit volunteer organization in the greater San Francisco Bay Area which harvests fruit from backyards and small orchards, then passes it along to local food agencies to feed the hungry."

And they have a Davis chapter:

And so they came over and started collecting some of the pluots and I took some pictures and video of the event ...


Definitely going to sign up for this for all cases when we can't use all of our fruit ...

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