Thursday, July 26, 2012

Good morning to my Twitter SPAM followers - is Twitter even trying to stop this?

Here are some of my SPAM followers from this morning ... again ... all pointing to addresses.  Twitter still does not seem willing or able to do anything about this.  Annoying.

I and others have written about this extensively and still no response or action from Twitter.


  1. But cracking down on spam would reduce their number of active users

    1. Unfortunately I'm sure you're right. I deplore that "cynicism" rhymes quite often with "truth".

  2. Here's my take on it from yesterday... - Also just mentioned on a TechCrunch post... who knows perhaps somebody will respond before Christmas?...

  3. I have a slightly different problem - I appear to have been assigned someone else's fake followers:

    Twitter clearly isn't interested in suspending these accounts, otherwise I wouldn't need to block them.


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