Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Trying to track down source of cartoon about coining "ome" words #badomics

I have this cartoon of direct relevance to my crusade to end the use of badomics words.  I have been trying to track where it came from for - like - ever.  And though I did not want to post it without getting permission I have decided to do so to try and track it's source.  Here it is

I note - I tried using Google Image search (see a discussion of how to do this here) and it finds some other versions of this cartoon online but none of them have a source for it either.  

So - does anyone out there know where this came from?


  1. hmm...

    a google search for the text yields this:

  2. interesting ... for some reason my google search with the text did not find that ... but I would bet the cartoon went with that article


  3. I always thought it was when your acronym was used in papers, sans citation (PCR, BLAST, etc)


    The Other Jim

  4. Referomics...citomics....no, no, that way lies madness!!

  5. TinEye yields nothing:


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  7. funny that the crusade to end the use of bad-omics has become c-omics

  8. Having something named after you. Smith-Waterman algorithm. Dayhoff matrix. Krebs cycle. Mendelian inheritance. And, of course, eisenomics http://eisenomics.wordpress.com/

  9. One I am waiting to see is "fam-omics"...as we're seeing that, at least for now, taking a good family history is about as informative as any genome wide scan for complex diseases

  10. Did you use Google images?

  11. I recently went to a talk on "extracellular matridomics": the study of all the components of the extracellular matrix. (So why not just say that you study the extracellular matrix?)


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