Monday, August 06, 2012

A centralized journal commenting system? Who would comment there? Volunteers?

Well, just got off the phone with someone who is working on an open, centralized, system to comment on/rate all journal articles.  If all scientists used such a system that could be quite useful though I told the person, as I have said many times before, I am skeptical that people will use such a system when they can (and do) comment on papers in their social networks.  Anyway, this person asked if I could come up with a list of people who might be interested in being Beta testers of such a system.  So I am asking here - any volunteers?  Any recommended people who you know do a lot of commenting already in other places?



  1. I would be happy to volunteer. The key is to be able to quickly get updates on the comments thread (compare to BMC that doesn't post comments immediately or PLoS that posts your comment but never tells you if someone replied)

  2. I would like to test such a system. As I tell anyone who listens, there would need to be a single unifed system for such a thing to ever work.

  3. I'm game depending on the flavor of the articles. I'd have to lean towards physics to be of any use.

  4. I'm game depending on the flavor of the articles. I'd have to lean towards physics to be of any use.

  5. I'd be glad to help. You can also get in touch with the INNGE folks (!

  6. A little like annotatr?

  7. I was having a hard time commenting here earlier, some sort of glitch, could have been on my end.

    Anyhow, to expand on the tweet: Facebook has some technology that seems to be creeping into various sites like HuffPo where a facebook user's comments on a wide range of different blogs also gets posted on their facebook wall.

    More like The Draft than a volunteer commentariate.

    That makes me think it would be fairly easy to have technology that would allow bloggers who blog about research (maybe via Research Blogging) to have the comments on their posts on the research aggregated with link-backs and such, so a large amount of the bloggy commentary that happens out there in the blogosphere could be accumulated


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