Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spammy journal of the day: Journal of Proteomics and Genomics ...

Just got this email posted below.  Certain aspects of it make me a little skeptical of the editorial quality of the journals from this publisher ... (highlighting a few parts done by me).

Dear Dr.jonathan a. eisen,

Call for papers – to be published in the month of September and there on

Journal of Proteomics and Genomics

The scientific research is on its wheels now a day
more than it has ever been. All the research and results are being accumulated enormously and in this race, you can come into lime light, only if you are noticeable enough. Are you sure the resource you have chosen provides you with such a benefit?
If you are not sure go through this list and make sure if you are at the right place, learn few facts to choose wisely when publishing your valuable research work:

  1. Is it an open access online journal: Being online enhances the reachability of the journal worldwide and being open access means removing barriers for all the researchers, without any discrimination of dissipating the knowledge. (Subscription based is available only for who can afford.)
  2. Does it provide xml files: Xml files are important for deposition into the repositories. Generally high prices are obtained for providing these files by publishing companies. (We provide free of cost.)
  3. Proper communication and support during publication: The most important and the actual tyranny lies in publishing the research paper which is the sweat and time of your hardship. But it would be more hardship if you have to publish with a poorly communicating and non-supportive journal. (Our advanced online system enhances communication effectively.)
  4. Through peer review of original and revised manuscripts: Value of your research paper is enhanced only if it is peer reviewed. (Peer review is one of the main quality element provided by us.)
  5. Revision made easy: And the revision part out there is so terrific. (But with us it is easy due to the detailed comments of our reviewers.)
  6. High profile experts with lot of experience: Editors with specialized expertize are an asset when dealing with scientific manuscripts. They can provide very accurate suggestions with experience and help improving the quality of the paper in-depth. (We are rich with them.)
  7. Support for enhanced citations even after publishing : Paper has been published, everything is done, now what? Have you ever wondered what is happening with your paper? Is it reaching the required?  Not only social media but there are hundred other ways to get you to the right place. (The secret is only with us.)
  8. Appropriate Fee : Open Access journals now a days cost nothing less than $1000. (We charge only $ 540)
Now if you wish to submit your manuscript and publish with us, please follow the below link, the call for papers is open and up 

Note - I have not included the link so as to not in any way contribute to their Google Ranking.  But wow - journal spam is pooping up so often it is hard to keep up with it.

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