Thursday, August 30, 2012

Profile of Michael Turelli in the Sacramento Bee

Pretty good profile of Michael Turelli in the Sacramento Bee: UCD professor Michael Turelli finds biomathematics work 'ridiculously satisfying' - Living Here - The Sacramento Bee.  It discusses his career from PhD work to early research to his new work on Wolbachia.  Note of lack of objectivity on my part - Turelli was the first person to recruit me to UC Davis and, well, I love him.  He simply is great ...


  1. Add me to the list of admirers. It was great fun having contact with him when he was a graduate student here, and has continued to be fun since.

  2. Well - I did not realize he was a grad. student there ... he really is one of those intangibles about UC Davis ... a great person to have around


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