Friday, June 06, 2008

A science blogger on Science writing about a science blog ...

Sorry - just had to make up that little title because I had a funny conversaiton with someone where I was trying to say, concisely, that Ryan Gregory, who has a nice blog called Genomicron, had blogged about how Science Magazine had written an article where they referenced my blog about "Genomics by Press Release."

But I was tired and it did not come out so well when I said "A science blogger wrote about science blogging and how Science wrote about my blog". And the person just stared at me.

Anyway, all I know now is that it is a lot easier to talk about when Nature writes about "science" blogging


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  2. I will resist the temptation to blog about you blogging about me blogging about your blog being mentioned.

  3. Because Everyone Brads a little bit. 3/8


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