Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tree of Life hitting the big screen ...

The "Tree of Life" is really hitting the big time. I just found, in a google search, that there is a movie coming out in 2009 called, "Tree of Life (2009)." The plot summary is as follows:
In a mystical world of folklore, several individuals embrace in a race to find the Tree of Life, said to give immortality, fertility, and other supernatural powers
And if that does not excite you, well, maybe this will. The cast includes Brad Pitt, Sean Penn and a few other big shots. Stay tuned here for more updates, or check out the wikipedia page for the movie here. Also see: Brad Pitt and The Tree of LifeBrad Pitt Scales Tree of Life,  Malick's Tree of Life caught on cameraBrad Pitt looks young in Tree of Life movie


  1. Damn. And I was hoping it was going to be about the heroes searching for deep phylogeny while being opposed by neo-Stanierian defeatists...

  2. Or a ragtag band of open-access heroes going up against a nefarious corporation hell-bent on charging scientists exorbitant fees...

  3. Misha: I think that movie would be called "The Free Tree of Life"


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