Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ASM Bloggers Breakfast and Lost Notes

Oops.  I wrote some additional notes to post for the ASM Meeting but seem to have deleted or misplaced the file.  One of the things I wanted to write about was how glad I was to have dropped by Moselio (aka Elio) Schaecter's breakfast discussion of blogging and microbiology.  Fortunately Moselio has posted about this on his wonderful "Small Things Considered" Blog.  I note it was also good to finally meet Tara Smith, who also has a great blog "Aetiology" and to meet/remeet some of the others.  I was also inspired by some of the people there to start rebuilding my "OpenWetWare" lab page.   Though I arrived late, the breakfast for me was the most inspiring thing about the whole meeting ...

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  1. Jonathan,

    Yes, the meeting in Boston was fun, lively, and informative. You contributed greatly by focusing our attention to important issued that had not yet come up. What a great way to cap the meeting! We are all grateful to you.



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