Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Are You Intellectually Clean?

Well, brain doping continues to be an issue, long after the buzz of April Fools Day is over. Now comes what I think must be a spoof of some kind: a site where people can make an "Academic Oath" saying they are clean by putting the following on their CV or WebSite:
For the honour of humanity and the integrity of the academy, I declare I have not, nor ever will, use any drug for an intellectual advantage. See,
This reminds me a bit of the PRISM spoof "PISD" but I am not sure if Academic Oath is really fake.


  1. Does that include coffee?

    What about sticking around the conference-center bar drinking and schmoozing?

  2. I hereby pledge and promise to do everything I can to remain resolutely average and unremarkable in every way. I also promise to listen and obey anyone similarly sworn who tells me how I should live my life.

  3. If it weren't for caffeine I would never have received my PhD.

    On the other hand, if it weren't for alcohol, I would have never agreed to do a postdoc.

  4. I drink only water and eat only carbon dioxide. I bring in a few nutrients from the water. But otherwise, I am clean.


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