Monday, June 23, 2008

Open Science Highlight -- JoVE: Journal of Visual Experiments

I am starting to browse around at JoVE (the Journal of Visualized Experiments).  This is an open journal dedicated to publishing biological research in a visual format.  It is pretty cool.  Some good videos include ones by Jared Ledbetter's group on studying microbes inside termites (see Layers of Symbiosis - Visualizing the Termite Hindgut Microbial Community
and Extracting DNA from the Gut Microbes of the Termite (Zootermopsis nevadensis)) for example.  Others of interest to this blog include one by Ed Delong's group on Large-Scale Screens of Metagenomic Libraries. 

Anyway - JoVE is definitely worth checking out ... visual presentations are probably the way of the future ...

In addition to experiments, JoVE also has some interviews.  For example, I am embedding a nice video from JoVE with a talk by Ed Delong on microbial communities (Microbial communities in nature and laboratory - interview (Video Protocol).   To view the embedded video click the play button below.


  1. Thanks for the thumbs up Jonathan.

    I discovered JoVE last Dec and was invited to contribute to the official JoVE blog which I do from time to time.

    JoVE and SciVee are both great and are unique in differing ways. Video based publishing however is an excellent way forward and ties in extremely well with all things 2.0 and OA.

  2. Yeah, still getting around to writing about Scivee which also seems pretty cool.


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