Friday, June 20, 2008

Street View for Davis on Google Maps

If you have not already heard, Google Maps has added the "Street View" function for Davis, CA where they drove around in a truck and took pictures of the front of every address.

See here  for a view of Central Park.
or click on the pic below.

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Oh - and here I am .... loading my car up for a trip.

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  1. How funny! I noticed they had added interactive photos to Google Maps last week, and my husband and I wondered how they did it, if they actually sent someone around to take pictures of every intersection. I guess they did :) It's a great new feature. How funny that you've been immortalized by Google.

  2. Apparently they drive around with a GPS enabled camera with 8 lenses and it takes pictures in all directions and then they somehow stitch them together to get Street View.

  3. That's fascinating! Thanks.


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