Sunday, February 16, 2014

STEM Women: How Men Can Help, w/ Professor Jonathan Eisen (hey, that's me)

Just got done with an interview "STEM Women: How Men Can Help, with Professor Jonathan Eisen" done via Google Hangout with Buddhini Samarasinghe and Zuleyka Zavallos.

Video of the chat has been posted to Youtube.


And there is a Google Plus Event Page here.


  1. Hey, Jonathan. Looking forward to this! I'm making polenta right now, but will watch this evening.

    Also, saw post on the conference you're having on "publish or perish". I guess you're seen Higgs comment in the Guardian:

    Thanks for the posts.

    1. Yes, I saw the Higgs thing --- the current system has major major issues - though I think I am more optimistic than some others that there are still good parts ...

  2. I'm organizing a conference next year and appreciate your tips for enhancing women's attendance (child care!) and leadership presence (plenary speakers!). Many of our society members are women.


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