Thursday, February 27, 2014

Shocked - shocked to hear that some fake papers got published in CLOSED ACCESS journals

Oh no.  This world.  It vexes me.  I am vexed.  I thought that only Open Access journals published papers that were fake science.  Now it turns out - closed access journals also sometimes have no peer review and overzealous pulsing pressures: Publishers withdraw more than 120 gibberish papers : Nature News & Comment.  How can I go on?  I thought peer review was perfect and all journals were honorable.  Oh well.  Back to work


  1. What's weird (and perhaps frightening) is that many of these papers were generated by SciGen, a system for the automatic generation of plausible at first glance but ultimately gibberish computer science papers. While the authors originally created the system to test peer review of conferences, it sounds like less scrupulous people are actually using it to beef up their publication record...

    1. I think the time has come to write a microbiome equivalent of SciGen


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