Friday, October 19, 2012

Mouse study of fecal transplants to treat Cdiff infection

Interesting story in thge BBC News on a paper from PLoS Pathogens: BBC News - Faecal transplant clue to treating gut bug (seems that the article has disappeared - maybe they jumped the Embargo? --- anyone --- found another version here). In the work, researchers from the Sanger Institute infected mice with Clostridium difficile and then treated them with different combinations of microbes isolated from mouse feces. In the end they are reported to have identified a combination of six strains that was highly effective in clearing the C. difficile infections. I say "reported to have ..." because I cannot find the PLoS Pathogens paper, again suggesting to me that the BBC story may have somehow jumped the embargo. Will post more when more comes out.

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  1. I came across your blog while searching for a protocol for fecal transplantation in mice. I love your balanced view on the microbiota! I'm also a believer in its importance for many diseases, but certainly not as a cure-all. Anyway, I'm just commenting to provide you with a link to the PLoS Pathogens paper you mention:


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