Sunday, March 04, 2012

Playing w/ Google Scholar's "Citations" system - some nice features but in need of a little fine tuning

Been playing around with Google Scholar's Citations system that allows anyone to create a mini page with their publications.  Here is a link to mine: Jonathan Eisen.  I recommend that everyone out there who has any publications create a Scholar Citations page for themselves. Instructions can be found here.

I quite like the simplicity yet informativeness of the Scholar Citations front page:

Yet there are many other things I wish were there.  For example, I really wish the "Institution" part was an active link and led to other people at UC Davis.  Alas, not so.  So I had to use the search function to pull out other people from UC Davis (searching for UC Davis in the search for Authors in the box in the upper right from my home page).

The list comes out in order of numbers of citations, which is good and bad.  Here are some of the top people from the list:

I also like the "Co-authors" function:

And the page where I can see lovely pictures of some of my co-authors all together

But this function still leaves a bit to be desired.  For example, finding other Co-Authors with Scholar pages is very hard for me since, well, I have hundreds and hundreds of Co-authors.  And though there is a function where Google Scholar makes suggestions for who to search for

It would be nice if it had a way to display the whole list not just their top suggestions.  But there is no way to see the next page and the only way to see other suggestions is to delete some of them.  I know - not everyone will have this issue but at least some other genomics focused folks probably will/do.

Anyway - it is worth playing around with - a good addition to the relatively simplistic Google Scholar search tools.

UPDATE 7 PM 3/4/2012

I figured out a way to find co-authors of papers of mine on Google Scholar Citations.  If I search for the paper title and restrict the search to the site I can find them.  For example searching for:

This pulls out all the people in Scholar Citations who are authors on the paper ... 

Then alas I have to retype their name into the Author Search box and I get to add them as coauthors ...

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