Thursday, March 01, 2012

My obsession with a Field Guide for Microbes

Recently I gave a talk at the AAAS Meeting in Vancouver on my dream of having "A Field Guide to the Microbes".  The talk was part of a session on the "Earth Microbiome Project" organized by Jack Gilbert and others.

You can see a slideshow with audio of my talk below:

It seems that my talk has sparked a lot of interest as I have been interviewed by various people and publications about this concept.

For example, Holly Menninger recently interviewed me for a blog post for the "Your Wild Life" blog:
Is a Field Guide for Microbes in Our Future? Q & A with Microbiologist Jonathan Eisen.

And today a wonderfully illustrated piece came out at Wired.Com by Daniela Hernandez titled "Book of Germs: A Quest for a Field Guide to Microbes."

If you are interested in some more background on what I have been thinking about a Field Guide to the Microbes here are some previous things I have written or said or commented on relating to this topic:
And if you want to check out some "Field Guide" like books on the topic of microbes I am posting some recommendations on an Amazon Page. My favorite is "A Field Guide to Bacteria" by Betsey Dyer.  


  1. Monecke et al. have done an excellent job of providing a field guide to clinically important S. aureus.

  2. Just read the Wired article. Need any programming to get started? Submission website, phone app, etc... I don't have a microscope but I can write code.


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