Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Calling on Nature Publishing Group to return all money received for genome papers and article corrections

Well, let's see if Nature Publishing Group actually does the right thing here.  A few days ago I showed that they were charging for access to "genome sequencing" papers that were supposed to be freely available (see Hey Nature Publishing Group - When are you going to live up to your promises about "free" genome papers? #opengate #aaaaaarrgh).  And in researching this I then discovered that Nature Publishing Group has been charging for access to corrections of articles (see Nature's access absurdity: Human Genome Paper free but access to corrections will costs $64 and Corrections Scamming at Nature: Tantalizing clues, to see errors just pay more money #Seriously?).  

Multiple people from NPG have posted on my blog and twitter that they are working on "fixing" these issues.  By which I think they mean "We will make these freely available again."  But this is not a full fix.  NPG really needs to do a self audit and return ALL money that anyone has paid for access to these articles.  Charging for something that is supposed to be free is not a good thing ... and if they want to really fix the issue they need to give any money they got for these papers back.  Note - I already called for them to do this last year when I wrote about the genome papers not being free.  But I never heard back.  Please help put the pressure on them to do the right thing this time.

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