Friday, March 02, 2012

And now Spam from Elsevier - thanks - but no thanks

Just got an email from Elsevier for something called "Reviewers' Update" which starts off:
Dear Dr Eisen,

As a valued contributor to Elsevier's journals we thought you may be interested in receiving the Reviewers' Update - our free quarterly e-update for reviewers - which contains advice for reviewers, updates on how Elsevier supports the peer review process as well as information which we hope proves useful to you when reviewing manuscripts.

Click on the headings below for access to a selection of articles in Issues 8 and 9, or browse through the full archive on the Reviewers' Update homepage.

Would you like to receive the next issue of Reviewers' Update as well as future reviewer updates?

If so, please register here.

Kind regards,

Andrea Hoogenkamp-O'Brien, PhD
Communications Manager, Elsevier

That leads me to wonder - just what did I do to become a valued contributor?  I cannot for the life of me remember the last time I reviewed for any Elsevier journal.   And the last time I was an author on a paper in an Elsevier journal was 2006 and that was only because I did not really realize that is where collaborators were submitting a paper.  Thanks Elsevier, but I will skip registering for this service.

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