Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Yes I like mixing science and art - but "DNA2Art" seems a bit, well, non artsy #visualiztion≠art

Just got this email
I am representing DNA2Art - a start-up working with creating DNA art. DNA2Art just launched a few new products that I would be glad to share as I think they might be of interest. 
DNA2Art takes human uniqueness to a whole new level by enabling visualization of one's personal DNA. DNA based art is a great way to show the beauty of your genes.
DNA art is extraordinary because:  

  • As an innovation launched just recently, DNA2Art enables creating DNA art from already existing DNA test results by reverse engineering real-life laboratory testing to deliver authentic DNA art. More information on reverse engineering. Besides being a convenient and faster way for receiving personal DNA art (sample taking and analysis steps are skipped), it also grants clients a discount. More information with instructions for inserting data can be found on Already have DNA data? page. 
The technological platform developed by our bioinformatics team allows clients to use data from industry leading consumer DNA testing companies such as 23andMe, or the use of customer genetic markers. DNA2Art is working with other genetic testing service providers to add them to the platform, as offering DNA art is a great value adding opportunity for customers and companies working with genetics. 

  • As an introductory offer, DNA2Art has a special price for high-quality print ready digital file when sending in already existing DNA data (just 99 EUR). Click on the Already have DNA data? page for the offer. 
  • The latest product addition is DNA2Info – providing insights to what the genetic stripes really mean and which genes are displayed on the DNA art masterpiece. It can be ordered as an entertaining add-on to DNA Art. 
Ordering DNA Art is easy with the following steps: place an order on the website, receive a DNA collection kit for taking the DNA sample, DNA2Art's secure and certified lab performs the DNA test. Based on the results, an art piece is created by our designer and delivered to you. 
DNA2Art is an innovative team coming up with new ways for visualizing DNA and also trying to have an educational value to it. If the above information is of interest to you we would be thankful if you could share it. In case of additional questions, please contact me.

Best wishes,

The whole thing seems a bit off to me.  Yes, you can "visualize" your genomic data.  Visualization and art are not necessarily the same thing.  And this does not sound or smell like art to me.  


  1. I must agree - this stinks of Damien Hirst. Biology is beautiful and I often am drawn to biologically inspired art...maybe I should frame my gels?

  2. 1. You should frame your gels ... but that does not necessarily make them art

    2. I think we should make a ex-Cavanaugh lab gel collage -- now that could be art ...

  3. I still have my SDS page gels that didn't dry too well and looks pretty cool and abstract .. though I think it less of art ... I was in a 'brain storm' division previously to think of how to sell whole genome sequencing to rich folks. The idea was to come up with a killer visualisation that 'discerning folks with spare cash' can display to guests ...


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