Monday, November 21, 2011

Email re #UCDavis Graduate Student Assembly #OccupyUCDavis

Just received this email:
A demonstration and general assembly has been called on Monday Nov 21, at Noon in the Quad in response to the use of force by police on campus.  Please send this announcement to your graduate group or department list serves.

As many have seen there have been multiple demonstrations at UC Davis and other UC campuses this week.  At UCD on Thursday demonstrators set up a camp on the quad where about 25 tents and 60 people stayed the night.  On Friday at around noon the Chancellor issued an order that the camp be disassembled. At 3 pm officers entered the quad to disperse the camp. Pepper spray was used liberally and arrests were made.  News coverage shows part of this police action:,0,1876312.story

On Saturday, the Chancellor held a press conference where she called for a review and students held a silent vigil as she exited  This situation is attracting national and international news attention.

These events and images are shocking and we want to make sure that all graduate students are aware of steps being taken by both students and the administration in its aftermath.  Please share this announcement with your departments and graduate groups.  These incidents will be on the Graduate Assembly agenda for the November 30th meeting.

Thank you,
Graduate Student Assembly
Executive Council

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