Friday, November 11, 2011

Reading about Medical School requirements -

Just a quick one here. I am reading up on medical school curricula because I am thinking about designing a course on evolutionary medicine. Wondering what is going on these days with modernizing med. school requirements (that is what students need to take before med school) and what they take in med school.

I found this interesting page: Harvard Medical School: Requirements discussing revisions to what Harvard requires for incoming med. school students.

This led me to this HHMI AAM report which has some useful discussion of what physicians should learn about. I was glad to see a bit here and there about evolution. It is even listed as a core competency "Competency E8
Demonstrate an understanding of how the organizing principle of evolution by natural selection explains the diversity of life on earth." with specific examples of things that could be taught.

If anyone knows any other good review docs on med. school requirements or med. school curricula I would appreciate pointers.


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  1. I'd take this for the mere fun of the material and papers to write. I'll look for it in a few years.


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