Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A blog posting of my email signature to reduce clutter.

Jonathan A. Eisen, Ph.D
With appointments in:      UC Davis Genome Center
Academic Editor in Chief, PLoS Biology

Mailing address:
UC Davis Genome Center
451 East Health Sciences Drive
Davis, CA 95616-8816

Support open access to scientific literature:

In order to reduce the length of my signature in my email, I am posting my signature here and then am tinyurling the link in order to make it as short as possible and not clutter up my email (so now my signature reads I do not know if anyone else does this or if there is a better way to do it I would love to know. I have deleted the phone # and email address portions of this but it does have most else.


  1. Is the idea of doing this on Earth Day to save the environmental cost of sending all those additional bits in your e-mail?

  2. Sure that works. But more what drives me crazy is email threads where my signature is there 20 times

  3. How about trying not to be such an egomaniac and just signing your name; people can just respond to your email. Everyone knows who you are... the world's expert on Brain Doping.

  4. I put my signature directly below the content I'm writing in the email (as opposed to at the way bottom of the email). This way, I can easily delete my signature from the email if I don't want to include it (as is usually the case). I only include the signature in more formal emails, or if I want to let someone who doesn't know me know who I am.

  5. RPM .. I mostly leave off my signature but for some "formal" conversations like communications for journals for which I am an Editor, it is useful to include a signature that details just WTFIA (who I am).

    And Lisa C - it would be more egomaniacesque to think everyone knows who I am don't you think? Like Obama would put as a signature "President of the United States of America 1600 Pennsylvania Ave ...."

  6. I do something similar -- my .sig has been just "" for years now -- there's a prominent "about" link on the blog, so I figure that'll do. It's only one line, so no clutter, and anyone who knows or doesn't care WTFIA can just ignore it.


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