Saturday, April 25, 2009

Open Access Flu - Updated

In regard to the swine flu infections going on, here are some Open Access PLoS papers articles about flu.  In total they provide some useful background reading on flu that anyone can get access to.  I have updated the list after prodding from @bpb on Twitter ...
More from PLoS Pathogens (click here for a link to a title search for "influenza")
More from PLoS Medicine
More from PLoS Computational Biology
More from PLoS One (see even more here)


  1. Is the sequence of the latest swine strain available, or would it be considered "classified info?" It's interesting to see how stable the new mutant is and how it behaves with the human receptors...

    I also found this PLoS ONE paper

    Development of Epitope-Blocking ELISA for Universal Detection of Antibodies to Human H5N1 Influenza VirusesRamy Aziz
    CU, NMPDR- U Chicago, and

  2. Thanks a lot for the compilation!

    I join the last comment... I'm in Mexico City and think it would be pretty useful to get a hand on those 6 genome sequences they've sequenced from California's patients...

    They're supposed to be available at GISAID database ( after registration (which is running slow) and they can't be shared...

    anyone knows where else can we find them?

  3. The sequences are in GenBank now (

  4. Thank you both...

    I was curious to see the mutation, but I hope someone with expertise in modeling can predict an inhibitor soon...

  5. Even more appeared at GenBank today; they are also at GISAID but with restrictions (it's not an open database).

    Jonathan, thanks for the long list of PLoS reports on flu! But the real question: does this mean I have to give up bacon?

  6. You should have given up bacon long ago.

  7. I still can't get on the scared band wagon of swine flu! We have excellent health care-- we should not be concerned about this!


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