Saturday, April 05, 2014

It takes a village - and if you are interested in plants - here is one

Continuing to be impressed with PlantVillage. Their mantra is

PlantVillage is built on the premise that the all knowledge that helps people grow food should be openly accessible to anyone on the planet. PlantVillage is a user moderated Q & A forum dedicated to the goal of helping people grow their own food. It is an open freely available resource that helps you solve all your plant related questions.
I first found out about this when David Hughes was visiting UC Davis a few weeks ago to give a talk.  I met with him (to discuss zombie ants - what else) and he told me about PlantVillage which he helps run.

So I registered and I am going to start uploading various information about our plants in my yard and elsewhere.   I tested the system by posting a pic of my peach / nectarine.

Lots of people there posting pics and asking questions about identifying issues with their plants.  Seems like an interesting site.

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