Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A special special issue of RNA Biology - dedicated to Carl Woese and Open Access too

A must read for, well, everyone out there: RNA Biology: Table of Contents for a special issue dedicated to / about Carl Woese.  The issue includes an amazing collection of papers:

A special issue in memoriam of Carl Woese
Renée Schroeder
Page 169

Introduction to special Carl Woese issue in RNA Biology
Robin R Gutell
Pages 170 - 171

Carl Woese: A structural biologist’s perspective
Peter B Moore
Pages 172 - 174

Early days with Carl
Ralph Wolfe
Page 175

Molecular phylogenetics before sequences: Oligonucleotide catalogs as k-mer spectra
Mark A Ragan, Guillaume Bernard and Cheong Xin Chan
Pages 176 - 185

Constraint and opportunity in genome innovation
James A Shapiro
Pages 186 - 196

Carl Woese's vision of cellular evolution and the domains of life
Eugene V Koonin
Pages 197 - 204

From Woese to Wired: The unexpected payoffs of basic research
Ann Reid
Pages 205 - 206

Carl Woese, Dick Young, and the roots of astrobiology
John D Rummel
Pages 207 - 209

Life is translation
Bojan Zagrovic
Pages 210 - 212

Organelle evolution, fragmented rRNAs, and Carl
Michael W Gray
Pages 213 - 216

Remembering Carl Woese
Kenneth R Luehrsen
Pages 217 - 219

Woese on the received view of evolution
Sahotra Sarkar
Pages 220 - 224

This article is open accessSecondary structure adventures with Carl Woese
Harry F Noller
Pages 225 - 231

A backward view from 16S rRNA to archaea to the universal tree of life to progenotes: Reminiscences of Carl Woese
Roger A Garrett
Pages 232 - 235

Carl Woese in Schenectady: The forgotten years
Larry Gold
Pages 236 - 238

History and impact of RDP: A legacy from Carl Woese to microbiology
James R Cole and James M Tiedje
Pages 239 - 243

Casting a long shadow in the classroom: An educator’s perspective of the contributions of Carl Woese
Mark Martin
Pages 244 - 247

Looking in the right direction: Carl Woese and evolutionary biology
Nigel Goldenfeld
Pages 248 - 253

Ten lessons with Carl Woese about RNA and comparative analysis
Robin R Gutell
Pages 254 - 272

Memories of Carl from an improbable friend
Harris A Lewin
Pages 273 - 278

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, Jonathan. Robin, Renée and the other authors have done a brilliant job putting these together. I'm slowly working my way through the articles too.


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