Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Something rotten in the Scholarly Kitchen? (Climate Change Denialism is Everywhere)

I never not previously paid much attention to the "Scholarly Kitchen" site before.  Every once in a while I have noticed their posts and usually have found them off in some way.  But then my brother Michael decided to respond to a recent posting from someone named Kent Anderson there.

I wrote about this briefly here: Trolls and flames discuss #NotSoFunny satire at the Scholarly Kitchen.

And the twitter had quite a bit too.  So, of course, I made a "Storification" of this:

But that is not what I am here to discuss.  What I am here to discuss is something that I discovered from a tweet of my brother's.

And I clicked on the link but the details were not there.  So I sniffed around a bit and did some googling (I could have just called my brother I guess ...).

And I discovered that one of the contributors to the Scholarly Kitchen David Wojick does indeed appear to be a pretty extreme climate change denialist.  Some information reported to be about him and his anti-climate-change ways can be found at these sites
Apparently Wojick has been affiliated with places like the Heartland Institute (see more on them here) and the Greening Earth Society which are relatively notorious in their "climate change is not happening" points of view.

Sniffing around the web I found some publications which appear to be by him that certainly are, well, extreme:
Not sure what this means exactly about the Scholarly Kitchen site but it smells a bit like their power went out and stuff is rotting in their fridge.


  1. Wow- some of these tweets are nasty, particularly given the generally restrained and intelligent nature of the debate on TSK itself. Sure, you have a difference of opinion with Kent, but there's no absolutely need for abuse.

  2. Tim - not sure which you are referring to but I do not recall posting anything abusive. I agree there was some nastiness out there --- but what I posted in the Storify was as fas as I could capture the suite of tweets out there w/o any attempt to censor. In other words ---- most of what is here is not from me

  3. Thanks for responding- maybe I should have directed this to Michael, but it made some sense to post a comment on the same page as the tweets. The tweets I think are abusive are:

    "those guys are a bunch of ridiculous asshat trolls"

    "the people at scholarly kitchen are the apotheosis of #fuckknuckles"

    Personally, I think the world would be a better place if Michael sent a private note to Kent to apologise, but I appreciate that isn't realistic.

  4. Yes, will relay the message. But he and I are not alike in this regard ...


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