Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Paper out from the "Evolution in the Deep Biosphere" workshop I went to #OpenAccess

Just picked up this paper in one of my automated Google searches for, well, my own name: Prospects for the Study of Evolution in the Deep Biosphere.

The paper is the result of a workshop I went to at the USC Wrigley Marine Station on Catalina Island. See my notes on the trip here: A "work" trip to Catalina Island: USC, Wrigley, C-DEBI, dark energy biosphere, Virgin Oceanic, Deep Five, & more. I note - the group of people at the meeting worked on their paper after the meeting and invited me to be a co-author on it. However, I was busy and I felt like I could not contribute to it in a way that would qualify for authorship. So I sent them comments here and there and had also given them some ideas while at the meeting. And now I am happy to report their paper is out.

I note - the paper is in "Frontiers in Extreme Microbiology" one of the new Open Access journals in the Frontiers series.  Not sure yet what to think of all these Frontiers journals.  But they do have a suite of journals in "Microbiology" so I will keep an eye on them ...

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