Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Slideshow w/ audio of my talk on "A Field Guide to the Microbes" from the AAAS Meeting #AAASMtg

I recorded the audio of my talk on "Towards a field guide to the microbes" from the AAAS meeting on Saturday AM. Here is a slideshow of the talk with audio synched to the slides (I did this using Keynote on a Mac with the "record Slideshow" function).

My slides from the talk are available at Slideshare.


  1. Speaking of field guides, have you seen Milton Love's "Certainly More Than You Want To Know About The Fishes of the Pacific Coast"? It's brilliant -- it's a mixture of a field guide and collection of stories both about the fishes and the biologists who study them. We *so* need a similar book for the microbial world...

  2. never seen it - but if you want to give a gift to someone who longs for a paper on APIS -- well - be my guest ---


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