Friday, December 18, 2009

#OpenAccess help needed - best way to publish conference proceedings in an OA manner?

To all Open Access fans or gurus out there.  I am writing at the request of a colleague who is looking into ways that one might switch from publishing papers for a conference from a closed access way to a more Open Access way.

Does anyone out there know if there are good Open Access publishing services that would enable one to do this?  Any information about possible publishers, costs associated with doing this, etc would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.

NOTE ADDED: Perhaps most importantly - we are looking for systems that would include the possibility of publishing printed versions of the proceedings ...


  1. There's Open Conference System from PKP: .

  2. Try BioMedCentral Proceedings:

    Other BMC journals (e.g. Genome Biology and BMC Bioinformatics) also occasionally publish special issues with conference proceedings, e.g.:

    Like most BMC journals, these avenues provide OA publication mechanisms with established cost models.

  3. i dunno what BMC supplements do in the way of print versions, but they may well be set up for that -- can ask them here:

    (CofI: work for same company.)

  4. You might also want to have a word with an institutional repository librarian, perhaps at the sponsoring institution. Whatever fancy display site you whip up is unlikely to survive beyond a few years. With IRs, someone is taking responsibility for continued access to the proceedings.

  5. see also

  6. Our OA journals ZooKeys ( and BioRisk ( publish conference proceedings in a form of special issues (look on currents issues on both journal's homepages). We publish simultaneosly printed versions which look as perfectly printed and bound paperbacks with no restrictions for including color. You may contact me at if interested.Lyubomir Penev