Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top days of the week for 2009 stunner: Tuesday #1, Friday last place

Well, the results of our detailed survey are in.  With the help of people from all around the world, we have classified and rated days of the week for 2009 based upon a large number of criteria.  A really large number of criteria.  And the rankings are:

  1. Tuesday.  In a big surprise, Tuesday won out over the other days.  Our analysis indicates that this was due more to dislike of other days rather than the popularity of Tuesday itself.  In particular, the problems this year with Friday not only took down Friday, but also Thursday (see below).  In addition, Tuesday allied itself early on with the always popular Saturday when Saturday broke with Friday over the furlough issue. And Tuesday always scores well with the Monday haters, because when it comes, that is proof they made it through their nemesis.  Congratulations Tuesday.
  2. Saturday. Riding on Tuesday's coattails and it's own strength as the first day of the weekend, Saturday moved up from last years poor performance to snag a second place. Clearly the break with Friday paid off as apparently did Saturday's decision to not run any negative campaigns against Sunday as it did last year with it's "Sunday, the day before Monday" campaign. 
  3. Sunday. Despite a general impression of being dull and boring, Sunday this year snagged it's traditional third slot because people viewed it as a safe bet and it still won out the traditional "weekend" voters. Also - Sunday negated the negative ads from last year by hiring a skilled rapid response team that posted humorous YouTube videos mocking any negative ads that came out.
  4. Wednesday. Rolling in at fourth position is Wednesday.  Never popular.  Never disliked.  But always right in the middle. Normally in competition with Tuesday and Thursday for the fourth spot, Wednesday beat out Thursday by a wide wide margin this year, most likely due to the Friday issue but simply could not compete with Tuesday's excellent campaign.
  5. Thursday. What a downturn for Thursday. Last year third.  This year the bottom of the middle in a deep fifth place.  Sadly, this was something out of Thursday's control as the enormous unpopularity of Friday simply killed Thursday's campaigning.  Many see this a a fair turn of events, as Thursday previously has ridden its position near the end of the work week to popularity despite not really doing much of anything special.
  6. Monday. The big shocker this year.  Monday moved up from it's traditional seventh spot to get a #6. Clearly, this was in a large part due to some issues with Friday but also Monday ran a very smooth campaign focusing on it's strengths (e.g., many Holidays) and acknowledging rather than ignoring its weaknesses. Monday has publicly stated that it is aiming for #5 next year, at whatever the cost.  Our prediction - not going to happen.
  7. Friday. From first to last, in one year.  Friday won last year and in many previous years where it usually duked it out with Saturday for top spot.  But this year Friday was killed by furloughs.  Not only did the people who were furloughed on Friday vote against it, but so did all the people who had to wait in line at DMV's and other government offices.  In addition, Saturday and Thursday teamed up for a brilliant ad campaign pointing out that just about everyone knew someone who was furloughed, and they suggested early in the year that it would be immoral to even "feel" happy on Friday.  This campaign killed Friday's chances early on. And with the financial issues continuing it looks like Friday may have trouble next year too.

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