Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Open Access Day

Today is Open Access Day.  For more information see here.  It is a big celebration of, well, Open Access to scientific and medical literature.

We are going to have a little shindig at Davis (organized by a grad. student Collin Ellis who is also starting a new organization here on Campus - the UCD-SSOA (Society of Scientists for Open Access).  The shindig will include a live WebCast of OA Day presentations by Richard Roberts (who has one of them Nobel Prize thingies) and Phil Bourne (Editor in Chief of PLoS Computational Biology, and creative mind behind a ton of OA initiatives).  The meeting will be in the Genome Center, GBSF 4202.  FIrst showing of the webcast at 4.  Second showing at 7.  In between I will give a little talk on "Why Open Access is Good for Scientists and the World".

Hope others will enjoy the day too.  More later ...

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