Friday, October 17, 2008

Blocked Access Bummer #1

I have decided to start posting when I want to read an article at home but cannot due to lack of access (even though I might have it at work).  Today's bummer is I wanted to read an article by Joel Sachs on "Resolving the first steps to multicellularity" but I could not get it because I do not have access to Trends in Ecology and Evolution at home.  Bummer.  Looks like it could be good. 



    Thankfully, my access extended to this Manuscript which is now with Jonathan.

    Graham aka, McDawg

  2. thanks ... teaching a class today where I want to talk about the evolution of multicellularity ... and if anyone else out there has some good OA material on this topic let me know ... busy with kids this AM so don't have much time to look around

  3. 227 of them in PubMed Central

  4. Blocked Access Bummer is a great idea. It so frustrating trying to get papers. I work at a research institute, not a university, and even they don't have access to much of what I need.

  5. Jonathan, Scott -- you might find the FriendFeed Refs Wanted room useful:

  6. Like most university libraries, UC Davis does offer off-campus access to stuff that the library licenses.

    There really shouldn't be hardly anything that you can access on campus that shouldn't be able to access at home.

  7. John

    Well, in theory I might be able to set up these proxies. But in practice, I was using a back up computer on which it had never been set up. And when I have tried to set this up on my iPhone it did not seem to work and I use my iPhone a lot to surf the web at home

  8. Was it government funded research? If so, shame shame shame...

  9. Kevin

    It was a review paper so it is not government funded research per se. But it was government funded. I am generally most concerned about research being OA. However, the more reviews that are OA the better too.


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