Friday, October 31, 2008

Genome Technology Runs the Table on Open Access ...

Wow.  Again, wow.  Genome Technology Magazine has dedicated in essence an entire issue to Open Access and they have a whole series on interesting things to say about it.  In addition they are making the issue available under a Creative Commons License so everyone can check it out.  Among the articles are:


  1. Sure. Don't mention that your brother is on the cover...

  2. I would guess that your brother is the one in the middle, but why does he have what looks like a picture of Jesus on his shirt?

  3. #1 - I did not know my brother was one the cover ... even though my brother sent me an email with the cover picture (which I did not look at)

    #2 - I am assuming it is a shirt that says "WWJP?" or something like that - "Where would Jesus publish?" but I still have not looked at the picture

  4. The shirt does indeed say "Where Would Jesus Publish?" but they cut that off...


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