Friday, January 04, 2013

Science for Kids: Explorit in #DavisCA

Had a great time yesterday with my kids at the Explorit museum in Davis, CA. Some pics and vids are below

Cichlids at entrance
Really nice dissecting scope / viewing scope with video monitor:
Dissecting scope

Lots of good displays on agriculture which is a good think in and around the Central Valley
Why are fertilizers important?

Are all soils the same?

Agricultural space

More activities
Really nice activity making a bracelet that reflected where water goes in the environment.
Awesome game on water flow

Really helpful staff
Sifting seeds in water or not water

Snake ...
Checking out the python

Giant cave cockroaches

Grind your own grain:
Add grain

Add grain

Floating ball

Best activity: make your own floating spider ...
How spiders float 

Ball python time

Ball python

Ball python

Spider display

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