Wednesday, January 09, 2013

#Badomics word of the day, week and month: the morphome

Well, I have been avoiding the badomics meme for a little bit but cannot help getting back into it for this one.  From this paper: BMC Biology | Full text | The songbird syrinx morphome: a three-dimensional, high-resolution, interactive morphological map of the zebra finch vocal organ.  Yes, that is right - rolls right off the tongue - the songbird syrinx morphome.

The key sentence assigning guilt for this

"Here we present an annotated high-resolution three-dimensional (3D) morphological dataset, which we have dubbed a morphome,"

Note - I love the move for more high throughput, digital morphological data.  It rocks.  It will make for some interesting science.  It however, does not deserve it's own ome word.

For more on this meme see All my writings on badomics words.

H/T David Coil ...

1 comment:

  1. Morphome is already taken:

    The wikipedia page (see comment date) claims use from 97 onwards
    .. but - the use of the word in the title of the earliest reference looks suspiciously like a result of hyphenation rather than inclusion as a proper noun.

    Finally, I have to raise the pedantry here - shouldn't we this be called the anatome ? ;) (gets coat. leaves through fire exit .. ).


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